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Welcome to Shree Sharan Food Impex Pvt Ltd.

We the Shree Sharan Food Impex Pvt Ltd. one of Best quality of India Origin Non GMO Soyabean flour/full fat soya grit Soyabean product producer.

Our factory is located in western Region of India at Gujarat state in Surat District. Our product is 100% organic and taste, smell is original Non GMO natural soyabean. Our production soyabean full fat grit 100TPD to supply verious country. Our Soyabean full fat grit specially produced for Tofu/Dubu and our product soyabean full fat Grit Raw material 1Kg almost 7Kg result.

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Full Fat Soya Flour Full Fat Flour

Full Fat Flour

This is obtained from Soya Bean seeds by the process of cleaning, cracking, soy cotyledon, full fat flakes and finally grinding takes place which